Let the journey begin!

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The time has come to embark on an unforgettable adventure!

An unimaginably long time ago, when the sky was only a glaring hollow in an immovable crunch of emptiness, there was no light nor life inside of it. But it all had to begin once. First there was a pulse, an innocent reflection of the future, which soon transformed into sound. Over the course of billions of years, this sound spread through the deaf vastness of the darkness, slowly developing into light, which finally gave the sun, constellations and galaxies, as we know them today. And it ‘gave’ us.


For thousands of years we have been looking into this same endless sky and wondering what it could still be hiding. Today, now that we are able to reach it, we invite you to join us on a musical journey through the galactic sleeves of time and unexplored distances. Let the adventurer in you drive you to discover something new. Exploit an infinite number of options through incredible adventures among the stars and enjoy the intergalactic journey through the unknown. Once again indulge beyond that first, the only, the primary pulse, which is the basic matrix of existence today, forever embedded within us.

In the summer of 2017 a unique opportunity will arise; the opportunity to escape with us and international stars to Mission One, leaving everything behind for one weekend. Music will be the force of the night, which will penetrate the barriers of sound and take us to new worlds.

Dear adventurers, dreamers, friends of music. We unite in June on Lake Rogoza.

Mission One will lead you through a journey with twenty talented DJs and reach its climax with a global superstar. Their amazing talent will make for an unbelievable intergalactic music festival that is unprecedented, and in two summer nights we will truly feel that we only live once.

Jump on this exciting journey and be a part of the story that has never before been written.

You can say that we are dreamers, but we certainly are not the only ones.

Dream on! See you soon!



Among others, they will be at the festival as well…


Fedde le grand je eden izmed najbolj definiranih umetnikov v hitro razvijajoči se zvrsti house glasbe, po mnenju neštetih oboževalcev in umetnikov velja tudi za mojstra house-a. Njegov vpliv, njegovi beati, melodije, ritem in energija nas obdajajo vse in so nas obkrožale že mnogo let, vse do danes…

Fedde Le Grand je stalnica na lestvicah top DJ-jev po svetu že odkar je pred enajstimi leti izdal svojo prvo prelomno skladbo Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, ki je tudi vdihnila svežino v takratno house sceno. Po mnenju mnogih si je Fedde prislužil neuradni naziv rešitelja house glasbe in njegova dela to konstantno potrjujejo. Med drugim je produciral mnoge svetovne hite, kot so The Creeps, Let Me Think About It, 3 Minutes To Explain, Back & Forth, Control Room, Metrum, So Much Love in Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) ter se z njimi uveljavil kot eden najbolj razburljivih in konsistentnih talentov po vsem svetu.

Da je resničen mojster na svojem področju dokazuje tudi s svojo lahkotno sposobnostjo prehajanja med komercialnim mainstream uspehom in bolj prodornimi underground zvoki. Njegova radijska oddaja Darklight Sessions vsak teden pritegne k poslušanju milijone poslušalcev, hkrati pa Fedde prinaša svoje energične House sete na največje svetovne festivale, kot so Coachella, Exit Festival, Global Gathering, Electric Zoo, Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ministry of Sound, Ultra Music Festival, Sensation.

On je definicija, on je bistvo, on je house glasba v vsem svojem sijaju.

A lot of action!

Festival will provide a lot of action with the help of numerous artists and stars. We will uncover the line up step by step, starting soon.

Get yours today!

Crazy lineup doesn’t have to mean crazy prices. Do you feel like dreaming? Get your ticket ASAP and we’ll dream together.

A greater experience!

Not just music but also a lot of supporting activities to make this festival a greater experience. We’ll uncover them soon. Stay tuned.

All infos in one place!

Finally, come to the festival. Location: Lake Rogoza, Maribor, Slovenia! See you in june 2017!


Do you need information?

[email protected]

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